Forever & Always

As we all know, I have a deep and passionate love for my number one girlfriend, Taylor Swift. Sometimes, I forget that other people actually enjoy her music too. Most complain about her relationships or her “childish” song titles which is almost everyone I know. Therefore, I place most people into the “Taylor hater” category and move on.

So, it was to my delightful surprise when a friend from college said he wanted to sing a Taylor song for my blog. Being a guy who is single, he reads my blog, and says that he relates to certain things.

What I didn’t know was that Stephen Babcock was going to pick a Taylor song that is actually connected to me and one of my best friends/former ex-boyfriend (you know who you are, wink).

When I fell in love with my best friend, I didn’t know what to think. We were always on the same wave length and had everything in common. After having a horrible week at school, he sent me two cd’s, one each marked for a different occasion. He had carefully constructed two playlists for the two sides of who I was (and still am), the hyper happy-go-lucky girl and the chill emotional diva. I wanted to return the favor since this surprise was so thoughtful. I crafted a playlist with some songs from our favorite artists at the time but, I noticed that there were no Taylor songs. He already used the ones I wanted and I didn’t want to seem like I was copying his playlist. So, I choose a song I hadn’t actually listened to, Forever and Always. The title sounded perfect and it was the destiny I wanted for our relationship. I wanted to be together forever and always. I added this as a the last track of the cd, sealed the envelope, and sent it along to Washington, DC.

Well, it turns out the song did have our destiny in mind, just not the way I had pictured it. Forever and Always is a song about a girl who trusted her boyfriend when he said they would stay together forever and always. It’s about the crumbling of a relationship and how sad things become when you think back to that certain conversation you had with the person you loved so dearly. Things ended for my ex and I but, luckily, two years later we decided we did have a forever and always. Just not the way I had originally hoped.

Listen to my friend Stephen sing the song of a former broken heart:

Check out more from Stephen:


Here’s to future forever and always–whether they be friendships, relationships, or the end of an era.

Just Let Me Live My Life

I’ve only lived in New York a short amount of time and yet there seems to be an evident divide among the different types of couples—the “never ever ever leave my side” couples or the “we’re just having fun” couples.  I can’t recall a single duo that is both committed but can actually spend time apart. When did it become acceptable for people to become attached at the hip and share the same brain?

Everyone I know is either living with their boyfriends, engaged/married, or just casually hooking up. The ones who are living with their boyfriends decide to opt out for a fun Saturday night and stay in and order take out. The ones who are engaged don’t even have proper full time jobs and the ones hooking up only think about sex or ways to find a new buddy. Although there’s nothing wrong with any of these things—when this becomes your daily routine—what exactly are you doing with your life?

tumblr_ms96tsrjIG1snz8koo1_250 tumblr_ms96tsrjIG1snz8koo2_250 tumblr_ms96tsrjIG1snz8koo3_250

Of course, every night isn’t a circus and sometimes you will stay in, sometimes you will want to try and find ways to improve your sex life, and sometimes you will struggle with a job. But, how can people decide that they’re ready to trade their fresh and bopping twenties for rings, babies, and possibly STD’s?

Maybe I’m going through a quarter-life crisis or maybe you might think I haven’t found someone to spend time with. But, if you ask any of my friends, they’d tell you that I want to be engaged, not anytime soon, but probably before most of my friends. I’m all about romance and being committed but I’m also interested in actually living in my twenties and enjoy the city that I’ve dreamed of living in.


I just moved into my first apartment, I barely know how to cook, and lord help me if I know how to clean a bathtub. Yet, women my age (still 22) are wearing engagement rings, refusing to spend time with their female friends, and settling down for a life that’s ages ahead of them.

Why can’t people find a proper balance in both their relationship and their everyday life? Maybe I’m naive or “haven’t find someone to enjoy time with”–at these notions, I laugh. Maybe I want to act my age and not the age I wish I was. I just want to live my life before I look back when I’m 30 and realize that the fun can’t stop because it never actually started.

I don’t know about you but I’m actually 22

Social media: A cruel way to watch your hookup’s every online move

As a college student, the easy accessibility of two things scares the hell out of me: social media and hook-ups. Put them together and I turn into a puddle of anxiety, self-doubt and shock.

Various social media platforms are everywhere these days, and there’s no escaping their inevitable attraction. Despite our FOMO (fear of missing out), we’re attached to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook more than is medically advised.

And when I entered the college hook-up scene, this addiction really did affect me mentally. I found that, unfortunately, social media and hook ups don’t really mix well.


A few months ago, I met a certain guy at work. Naturally, we connected via our cyber-selves (Instagram and Twitter). He would like my shameless selfies and I would favorite his tweets until it became obvious it was more than just co-worker admiration. Multiple friends called me out on it — if he stalks your Instagram, he totally digs you.

Virtual flirting turned into texting. Texting turned into us hanging out. And the rest is history.

But what happened after that tip of the iceberg was indeed a downhill battle against the very things I can’t live without: my phone and laptop.


I went through the typical clichéd aftermath: He stopped contacting me and I was left asking what I did wrong (Remember, ladies: You never do anything wrong). Now, if social media hadn’t existed, I probably would have shrugged my shoulders at this completely dick move and gotten over it. I wouldn’t be reminded of the mistake if I never had to see him again.

I promised myself I’d be mature about this. Hook-ups come and go, and maybe after some time, we’d become friends.

Well, social media ruined that plan.

Instead, I watched angrily as he liked other girls’ photos, commented on their statuses and connected with them the same way he had connected with me — over the Internet. My over-analytical mind instantly took control. Shit, he’s probably texting her now, too. That photo isn’t even that cute. Does he know his virtual advances come up on my News Feed?

Kind of hard to get over a hook-up when he’s literally everywhere.

I didn’t want him to think I was clingy — that and the fact that I was angry he had stopped talking to me — so I refused to contact him. But every 30 minutes, when I updated my Instagram, I had to hold back a scream when I saw him like another girl’s photo and continue to ignore mine.

This may seem vain, but to me, it meant so much more than getting a boost of self-confidence. It meant that after one hook-up, he thought I wasn’t enough and continued to go after someone else — all in front of my own eyes. My confidence was rocked each time I stumbled upon it every day. I never knew what he was thinking, and it gave me headaches trying to read his mind.

I wish I knew how to avoid this mental torture — unfortunately I still suffer bouts of frustration when I see his name online. The best advice I can give myself and any other girl going through this is to remember that if he wants to talk to you, he’ll find the time to do it, no silly excuses. You should be strong and confident enough to see his name and laugh, because he probably doesn’t have as many followers as you, anyway.

Unfortunately, we can’t delete Twitter, nor can we get rid of our attachment to it. Yeah, we’ll have to watch our exes and hook-ups talk to other girls, and that’s what comes with the digital territory.

Don’t change your social media personality — or your real personality — for a guy. I love my digital brand and won’t start posting certain things to see if he’ll retweet me. I still post my shameless selfies and tweet silly things about red pandas.

Eventually, he’ll become another blip on your rad — hold on, someone just liked my last Instagram photo…



Guest Blogger for Single Girl Status

My Least Favorite Word Begins With A ‘C’

For the past two month’s I’ve thought about updating my blog. After I got a job I figured that I would still write for my own personal enjoyment. But, my busy New York life stopped me from actually putting a pen to paper. I began creating excuses such as “nothing is happening in my love life!” which brought me to the conclusion that I had nothing to write about, hence the two month hiatus.

I’d like to think that once you’re happy you can still be inspired and creative in your own way. But, let’s be real here. It’s hard to write when everything is happy-go-lucky.


So that brings us to this point in my life, right here and right now, another lesson learned. A few weeks ago I ran into a tough situation and I knew it had to be handled delicately. You know those situations where you and your guy don’t see eye-to-eye no matter how hard you try? The situations that lead you to the conclusion, boys are dumb, and then you move on?


Well, when you actually like someone you can’t just say “you’re an idiot. DUBAI,” because that would lead to far worse roads. So you have to step back from the situation, think about what you want to say, consult some experts (your best friends), and then decide the best approach. For me, the best approach according to my three best friends was compromise—and we all know I don’t do well in that category—diva status. But, I wanted things to be okay and this is what I had to do.

I saw both sides to the problem.  I took into consideration his thoughts and opinions. Then I thought about the plans I had made in my head while daydreaming at work. And I saw those beautiful ideas crumbling down. Initially I was sad, then angry, and then disappointed.

Earlier this summer one of my best friends told me that sometimes we have to do things we’re uncomfortable with for the people we love. I thought about this the entire time I was going through my three phases of emotions. I realized that I have to do this, whether I want to or not. And I didn’t want to choose the option of not.  Therefore, I accepted the changed plans with all bitterness aside.

Although it’s not exactly what I had thought up in my head, it was still special but special in a different way. I’m sure there will be times when I want to do something and my guy won’t but he’ll do it because he’ll remember to compromise (hint, hint).


One of my favorite quotations, “…It’s not supposed to be easy, that’s why it feels so good,” always makes me think about relationships. If your relationship is going smoothly 100% of the time, are you really challenging one another? Are you growing and learning?  There have to be bumps in the road in order for progression.

Lesson learned? When life gives you lemons, add some vodka and drink up.


The Top 10 Reasons Ed Sheeran Would Be The Perfect Boyfriend

I would do a lot of things for love. I would dance in public, change the radio to something other then Taylor, and even pick you up from the airport at midnight when I have an exam the next day. I would say that when you’re in love with someone you’d accommodate to them just like they would to you. But, if I were dating Ed Sheeran it’d be a whole other story.

If Ed wanted his laundry done, his apartment cleaned, his dogs walked—whatever Ed wanted I would do. Why you may ask? Though I don’t really have a thing for red heads… unless they’re British…. this is where I make a sly mention of my British boyfriend Will who will become a lawyer and we will live in Essex together in an English castle raising two beautiful ginger babies and a ginger cat named Ron Weasley. But that’s beside the point.

Ed Sheeran is the most romantic, beautiful man in the world.

I have no doubt that he would be the world’s most perfect boyfriend. Ed would do anything to make sure his partner was happy. He would have long, intellectual conversations over tea and really listen to what his partner was saying. He wouldn’t call a girl overly emotional and would write her a song to make her feel better. Sure, he doesn’t have a smokin’ bod but his words say it all.

I present to you: The Top 10 Reasons Ed Sheeran Would Be The Perfect Boyfriend


Reason 1: He is absolutely adorable when he smiles. Look at him genuinely looking into your eyes


Reason 2: He is a fabulous hugger, even to small children.


Reason 3: He likes children which means you could have at least three with him and he’d be happy.


Reason 4: He has a good taste in music, note the RED tattoo.


Reason 5: He just wants to kiss you, what a gentleman.


Reason 6: He likes to laugh and does it in a funny way.


Reason 7: He looks like Ron Weasley and he’s BFF with Rupert Grint. Harry Potter + Ed Sheeran = Perfect World


Reason 8: He cares about you and will take care of you when you can’t take care of yourself.


Reason 9: He likes cats. Enough said.


Reason 10:  He’ll write songs about how beautiful you are

Ed Sheeran, please let me be your little bird.

Single Girl” is tired of hooking up with random dudes at frat parties, dealing with men leading her on, and always having to make the first move. Dealing with the unfortunate scene of college dating, “Single Girl” tackles the topics of love, lust, and relationships. 

The Burn Book in Your Brain

If you’re a hopeless romantic or just have boy troubles (which I assume you relate to one of the two if you’re reading this blog,) then you’ve probably at some point connected music to what you’re feeling. I have different artists and even songs for different people and emotions. I’m sure at this point it’s obvious that I don’t reserve Taylor Swift for one emotion but for all of them.

When I date people one of the most important things for me is that my boyfriend can handle listening to TSwift because that’s all we’re going to listen to if I’m driving us anywhere. And since I’m always open to new music I love getting playlists and hearing new artists, so music sharing is mutual. Not only do you have songs that remind you of me, but also I have songs that remind me of you.


So when you’re trying to get over someone or something, it’s really hard when there’s so much music that can relate to different aspects of a relationship. This got me to thinking about what it must be like for someone to no longer be dating me. I mean, it sucks (because they’re not with me, duh) but also because literally Taylor Swift is everywhere. She’s on the radio, on the Internet, and in the news. You can’t escape the girl no matter how hard you try. Even if you hear the name Taylor or words like “fearless,” “enchanting,” and “magical” you’ll still think of her and me.

It became obvious to me that whenever someone hears Taylor they’re going to think about me. Like I’m imprinted onto their brain. Like it’s burned in.


I had an ex who ended things with me and then thought it would be fun to play with my feelings and lead me on. He would text me things all the time like “I saw Taylor perform at XYZ award show and it made me think of you,” or “Love Story came on the radio and I thought about that time we had our first kiss to it,” barf.

But it isn’t just like this for them; it’s like it for me as well. And for you, and your exes. Whenever I hear John Mayer I think about how we only listened to his CD while we were dating because it’s all we could agree on. Whenever I hear “Daylight” by Maroon 5, I think about one of the saddest goodbyes of my life. When I hear “Hey There Delilah” I’ll think about the soundtrack to our summer. When I hear “Last Kiss” by Taylor Swift I’ll remember how I use to think it was the saddest song in the world because of you.


It’s crazy how I can be so over these relationships but these melodies will remind me of someone or something. I wasn’t able to listen to the song “Last Kiss” for months without crying and I eventually had to turn to a different version by a different artist.

Long after a relationship is over, music can still be a remaining particle of a love that has ended. My best advice for still listening to songs you love with baggage? Listen to them again and again on repeat, desensitize yourself from the lyrics and the cords, and learn to become emotionless about it. If you detach from the relationship and the song, it’ll be just a regular tune or like listening to something from the top 100—light, fluffy, and enjoyable.

Make that song just another picture to burn. Burn, burn, burn baby burn.


Single Girl” is tired of hooking up with random dudes at frat parties, dealing with men leading her on, and always having to make the first move. Dealing with the unfortunate scene of college dating, “Single Girl” tackles the topics of love, lust, and relationships. 

Not “experienced?” Really though, IT’S OKAY!

Being 21, turning 22 soon most people would probably assume that I have had some practice when it comes to “sexual experiences,” but that’s not always the case.  In this day and age it is more common to meet people who have had at least one sexual partner, whether it be with a serious boyfriend or not, and that seems to be the norm these days. Since we are young, are trying to figure ourselves out, and just want to have fun, this type of sexual activity (or lack there of) seems normal.

So why does it feel abnormal to be a virgin? Recently, it has bothered me more that I am not as experienced as other women. Is there something wrong with me? I JUST WANT TO GET IT OVER WITH.


That’s when it hit me; there isn’t anything wrong necessarily. Its not like I am saving myself for anyone special, “my time” just hasn’t happened yet and that’s fine. Amazingly enough, I have a couple of friends who are in the same boat as me, so I know that nothing is wrong with me. I thought for sure that no one would understand where I was coming from, especially since I went through four years of college without “giving it up,” but there are other people out there who just haven’t experienced it yet due to timing or finding the right partner.

But, don’t think that just because certain people aren’t as experienced as others that they are going around judging other people. I for one could care less what other people do.  Many of my friends are more experienced than me and I like it. I say, more power to you! People should be able to do whatever they want, whether it be hooking up with a guy or deciding to wait a little bit, and not be judged either way for it. In the end you should only worry about what you are comfortable with and not feel pressure to have to act a certain way or do certain things just to keep up with your other friends.


So other fellow virgins don’t worry about it! Your time will come when it is supposed to happen. You’ve held out this long, so no need to rush it. Wait for that right guy who doesn’t pressure you into anything you aren’t ready for and will let you take your time. It doesn’t make you any less sexy or cool because you may not be as experienced in bed as others. As corny as it sounds, what’s meant to happen will happen and when it’s your time, you’ll know.


Guest Blogger for Single Girl Status

The Toby and Spencer GIF guide: If You Want To Feel Bad About Your Body And Relationship

I finally figured out someone I hate more than my ex boyfriend, and it’s name is “A.” Pretty Little Liars is the only show that I will watch live, regardless of what I have to do or where I have to be. I’ve read the books and watched every episode. I’ve grown attached to certain characters (shout out to Spencer Hastings) and fell in love with couples (or really just Toby’s six pack). So, during the summer premier last week when Toby decided to help A by giving away the trailer, which contained so many important secrets, I knew this would be a rough week for his relationship with Spencer.

Can’t we just give the couple a break? They’ve gone through hell and back and yet somehow manage to maintain a loving relationship. Don’t tell me you didn’t ooze when Toby made Spencer breakfast and called himself her boyfriend.




But seriously, as a single girl, who wouldn’t want Toby as their man? I mean sure, he was on the A team for a hot second and he might have just joined again but he’s a bad boy who did it for love. And, when a bad boy is this attractive, a girl just can’t help herself.

Without further a due, I present to you: The Toby and Spencer GIF guide which will probably make you feel bad about yourself and your relationship thus resulting in you working on your own personal six pack and hope to find a dude that’s half the man Toby is. Yes, that is on a run on sentence.

Toby and Spencer started out just like every other couple, friends who knew a shit ton of secrets and couldn’t tell anyone, how cute!



Things became pretty serious pretty quickly and soon Spencer was swiping her v-card down a six-lane highway called smoking stomach (seriously, his body will never get old).




They were pretty lovey dovey and did cute things on screen like cuddle and make out and read books together.




Then Toby was on the A team and everyone was all:


And Spencer was all:


And meanwhile you’re just crying because you can’t believe what just happened.


Man, that slap was powerful.


Spencer was alone which only broke your heart and then you continued to be depressed throughout the entire season because life isn’t the same without Spoby. Yes, they have a nickname.



Luckily we found out that Toby was just doing this to protect Spencer and since then has become the boyfriend of the year…

tumblr_mjxueaMhp11rlwtgeo1_250 tumblr_mjxueaMhp11rlwtgeo7_250

Until we found out he gave away a van full of secrets that could ruin the Pretty Little Liars and put A back in charge.


But he was just so adorable crying that you couldn’t help but forgive him.



So what’s the status of Spoby? As of now, they’re great but once word gets out about what Toby did who knows what will happen to their relationship.


Meanwhile, I’ll be here waving my pom-poms for team Spoby. One more for the road.


Single Girl” is tired of hooking up with random dudes at frat parties, dealing with men leading her on, and always having to make the first move. Dealing with the unfortunate scene of college dating, “Single Girl” tackles the topics of love, lust, and relationships. 

My Break Up With My (Ex) Boyfriends Mom

When you’re in a relationship with a guy, you’re not just in a relationship with him. Most of you might think, well, it says that on my Facebook. But no, you’re in a relationship with his life. If your boyfriend tells you about something he’s working on, something negative or positive that is happening in his life, or something that he’s going through—it’s the normal human reaction to follow up and show interest. While all of this is fine and dandy, something you don’t realize is that if you’re a friendly girl like myself, you’re also in a relationship with his family too.

After dating someone for a long time, you’ll get to know their siblings, their parents, their pets, and even their extended family. I’m a pretty obnoxious and loud person, but at home I’m reserved and timid. So, when I get to meet my boyfriend’s family, after a few times of making small talk and seeing them on a frequent basis, I get comfortable. I begin establishing a solid relationship. So what happens when your boyfriend decides he likes another girl more than you (but won’t admit it to your face) and you break up? What happens to your relationship with his family?


In particular, a certain relationship comes to mind and to be honest, the break up with his mother was almost more devastating than the one with him.

Enter: summer 2007. I was 17-years-old and had an array of activities lined up for myself. Along with morning cross-country practice, I had my first part-time job where I would be saving money for my first car (never saved for a car, bought a MacBook instead, no surprise here), and I was about to begin watching the entire series of The OC for the first time. Along with these “exciting” opportunities, I began dating a boy whom I actually really liked since my first boyfriend (I had two boyfriends in-between my first BF and this guy, player over here). We had such a fantastic relationship—he introduced me to my love for Apple and technology, we went to theme parks on the weekends and rode roller coasters all night, and would go on runs together (I eventually introduced him to the “joy” of running).


But, something almost better than my relationship with him was my relationship with his mother. Sarah* was so cool and just the kind of role model a 17-year-old dreamed of. First, I was allowed to call her Sarah and she always encouraged my writing—for once I wasn’t pursuing a career that was “going down hill.” She took me to my first trip to New York City where I fell in love with everything there was to offer. When I was taking an apparel design class I sewed/quilted a bag that she used for months after it was presented to her. She was just the nicest, most welcoming mom I had ever met. When my boyfriend broke up with me for another girl, I was more upset about what would happen with Sarah*.

Well, nothing happened, I went on with my life Sarah-less. It wasn’t until the end of my junior year when I was at a train station headed to the airport to embark on my first European adventure sans family is when I saw her since the break up. She was sitting down at a table; card in hand, waiting for me. She handed me a beautiful card with a note about how I will become a successful journalist along with some spending money for my trip. After my trip I visited their home to give a few gifts that I purchased for their family and that was the last time I saw her.

Up until this week when I saw her eating frozen yogurt outside of my gym. What did I do? I dodged a bullet and hid behind my hair. How could I ignore someone who had been such an amazing role model in my life? Well, since then, I had been more than over my relationship with my ex and I guess along with that came his life. I’ll still remember his mom as the first person who introduced me to my future home and career…and I’ll still remember him as a the dick who found someone else. I guess some things never change huh?


Single Girl” is tired of hooking up with random dudes at frat parties, dealing with men leading her on, and always having to make the first move. Dealing with the unfortunate scene of college dating, “Single Girl” tackles the topics of love, lust, and relationships. 

We All Wish It Was A Reality: The Truth Behind Rom Com’s

After an exhausting day of sending tons of networking emails, applying for positions, having informational phone calls, and rewriting my cover letter over and over again, it’s an amazing feeling to go to bed with my best friend…my iPad. This is about as single girl as you can get, but that’s beside the point. As I lay in bed on Friday night losing yet another round of Candy Crush Saga, I decided to watch a movie on HBO Go. I stumbled upon this film, “What’s Your Number?” which is about a young woman who realizes she’s above the average number of partners most women have in their lives. She journeys back to former boyfriends in hopes of meeting the right one. Long story short, none of them work out and she ends up falling for the guy who lives across the hall from her. How cliché.

As the credits were rolling I lost my cool. How can these films portray realistic love? These things just don’t happen that easily and to be honest, as far as the audience is concerned, it’s happily ever after. But, what happens during the relationship? Are there ups-and-downs? Do they break up? Get married? All of these questions unanswered and yet, I was still mad. I of course, Tweeted about it and then went to bed. The next day I woke up with a few favored Tweets as well as a text from my friend who inspired this blog entry.


Enter Single Girl Status: Why do women still watch romantic comedies even when they know they’re a) unrealistic and b) only going to make them upset? I’ve had four women answer this question which each answer different than the next. Maybe you agree with them or maybe you don’t, either way, there is one common theme: desire. 

Female 1:

I think that I watch romantic comedies because I want to see the guy get the right girl in the end. While I know romantic comedies are totally unrealistic I like to think that the outcome/storyline is possible and that I could have my own someday. I also like to believe that the Jim Halberts exist…even if I can’t find them in the real world.


Female 2:

Why do I watch romantic comedies? Maybe because I enjoy laughing at the smitten fools who gallivant around looking for love? That’s part of it, I’m sure, because let’s be honest, who DOESN’T love watching people look like idiots? But I think romantic comedies are our way of experiencing a fairy tale relationship. We all know that these things don’t happen in real life, and we have accepted that fact–so the only way we get the experience is through the romantic comedy that perpetuates the stereotype.

No matter how much we convince ourselves that the plotlines are unrealistic and obvious, we still fall for them. Probably because the little 10year-old who believed she would marry the prince is still hiding in the darkest corners of our mind. Or, maybe just because we like to torture ourselves. But more likely, it’s because they are funny, and stupid, and mindlessly easy to watch. They pair well with wine and chocolate, and never disappoint–unlike the real men in life. Perhaps we’re in a relationship with fake relationships, which is a terrible thing to be sure, but it sure is nice to pretend.


Female 3:

I think romantic comedies are an escape for girls. They also serve as a guide for what not to do or what to do in relationships, depending on the movie. They also give us a reason to idolize the make leads, and fantasize about what our lives would be like with him. This idolizing can distract us from our current relationship problems or force us to make it better. But, I don’t think many girls take these films to the heart.


Female 4:

I think women have always been and always will be enthralled by a good love story. We all want someone to fight for us. We want someone to give us butterflies, buy us flowers, and tell us we’re the most beautiful creature God created. And really, those desires are not bad desires. What is bad is when we make those desires the center of our universe, and therefore when we meet a guy, we throw him out the window at the first sign that he is not our Knight in Shining Armor.

That being said, if I have learned anything from falling into this trap of rom-com ridiculousness, it’s that these movies generally portray only one kind of story. They portray one kind of man who loves in one kind of way (and usually that way is pretty shallow and unrealistic). So, ladies (and I’m speaking to myself here, too), take a reality check and give men a break. Not every guy is a “buy you flowers, hold a radio up to your window” kind of guy. If he’s a good guy, he will love you in his own quirky, adorable way. Recognize that a stupid movie has no power over you and that your relationship is your story. Then maybe you can enjoy a good, mindless chick flick every now and then without wanting to throw your heart (or your boyfriend) over a cliff.


Single Girl” is tired of hooking up with random dudes at frat parties, dealing with men leading her on, and always having to make the first move. Dealing with the unfortunate scene of college dating, “Single Girl” tackles the topics of love, lust, and relationships.