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I Hate You, We Break Up, You Call Me, I Love You.

The Break-Up Playlist Taylor Swift Style 


Ice cream, check. Sappy playlist, check. Best friends on speed dial, check. It seems like whenever a girl goes through a breakup these are the three essentials things she needs. Though some relationships are easier to get over than others, we can always count on country pop singer Taylor Swift to pinpoint exactly how we’re feeling. Her newest album Red was released on October 22nd and within 24 hours was #1 on iTunes in 32 countries. This doesn’t surprise us one bit. Catchy beats and relatable lyrics are her calling. And with her recent breakup with Harry Styles, Swift is probably in ice cream mode too. But we know we can rely on her to find the silver lining and turn her heartbreak into a song we can all relate to.  Here are a few songs by Swift to help you through your breakup.

The Playlist:

You’re Feeling: Sad


Song: Sad Beautiful Tragic Taylor Says: “What a sad beautiful tragic love affair. It was reflecting on something that was lost and you can’t get it back.”
Song: The Last Time Taylor Says: “I picture this guy who left his girlfriend over and over again. And he’s come back and asked for a second chance. And then you have this girl standing there with tears in her eyes wondering how she could possibility turn him away when she loves him this much but knows that she can’t get hurt again.”

You’re Feeling: Angry


Song: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together Taylor Says: “I am never going through that again. Like ever. We are never getting back together.”
Song: I Knew You Were Trouble Taylor Says: “I’ve never written a song where it’s like, not shame on you, you broke my heart. But shame on me, I let you break my heart. I saw the red flags from the first second. God you feel so stupid.”


You’re Feeling: Happier


Song: Holy Ground Taylor Says: “This is a song that I wrote about the feeling I got after years had gone by and I finally appreciated a past relationship for what it was rather then being bitter about what it didn’t end up being.”
Song: 22 Taylor Says: “I wanted to write a song about my summer with my friends. And we’ve got this kind of attitude that’s like ‘we are in our 20’s and we don’t know anything and it’s awesome’ and it’s kind of fun just to embrace that.”

“Single Girl” is tired of hooking up with random dudes at frat parties, dealing with men leading her on, and always having to make the first move. Dealing with the unfortunate scene of college dating, “Single Girl” tackles the topics of love, lust, and relationships. 


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