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Valentine’s Day Sucks But Taylor Swift Doesn’t

So this isn’t some Taylor Swift blog where I gush about my love for her (and how I wish I could be her best friend and follow her around everywhere like a puppy) but sometimes it seems I have no choice to chat about my main squeeze, T-Swizzle. This morning when combing through my Google Reader I was delighted to spot a notification next to Taylor Swift’s website. Clicking on it, I was expecting something about the Grammy’s or an interview that fans could watch online. So when I saw that Taylor launched a new greeting card app for smartphones, I was completely taken by surprise.

When you create an account. Why yes Taylor, I am feeling 22

When you create an account. Why yes Taylor, I am feeling 22

Obviously downloading the app immediately, I was suddenly transformed into a Swiftie’s dream world. No, this isn’t an app review where I tell you about all the cool features (like listening to Red, adding your friends birthdays to a reminder calendar or connecting your Facebook) but rather how this connects to my blog. Now fans don’t have to run all over town searching for the perfect T-Swift card to send to their boyfriend (my poor ex got one on every single anniversary or holiday) because now they can send virtual e-cards to their friends, family or lovers via text, email, Facebook or Twitter.

So much enchantment in one app

So much enchantment in one app

Just in time for Valentine’s Day now you can send everyone you love a personalized e-card with images, messages, and your own signature. The best part? Now you don’t have to feel bad about spending all your cash on an outrageously sized bottle of wine instead of buying your boyfriend the perfect V-day gift. Because really, who wouldn’t find a Taylor card the best kind of gift to receive?

Some card options

Some card options


photo (4)photo (2)photo (1)
So much T-Swift and so much love, yay!!!

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