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Five Major Love Lessons Learned From The OC

As a hopeless romantic and a TV addict, sometimes I just wish my favorite TV couples were, well. Real. I mean think about it, fake couples have EVERYTHING (the perfect relationship, extravagant gifts, and great sex) and we as viewers watch in awe/hate our lives forever because we don’t have what they have. Or, maybe we do but just not EVERYTHING. But either way, as silly as it sounds, sometimes these couples will share valuable information and insights to a relationship. What better television show to learn from then The OC? Besides the unrealistic drama (stealing cars, having psycho stalkers, shooting crazies that are trying to track you down…) the couples in this TV show really provided American viewers with true love lessons that can easily be taken away and used in everyday life. Here are five major love lessons learned from The OC:


  1. Don’t Be Crazy: Marissa Cooper may have been beautiful but girlfriend really knew how to freak a dude out. It’s fine to have a glass of wine or a shot (or two) before talking to a guy but popping pills, falling asleep in alleyways of foreign countries, drunk driving, and shooting someone is… a bit much. We all have crazy habits and that’s fine–just make sure to sensor the weirdest ones from your dude. Chances are, your man is no Ryan Atwood and he definitely won’t be able to handle as much crazy as Ryan did.
    Poor Ryan...

    Poor Ryan…

    Or not...

    Or not…

    Never ever getting back together

    Never ever getting back together


  2. Being Brave Will Go A Long Way: Sometimes you may be scared to be the first person to admit you like the other person, ask them out on a date, or even say I love you. But, it has been proven by Seth Cohen that being brave, fighting for what you want, and adding a little romance will go a long way. Next time you’re unsure of how to confess your love just stand on a coffee cart and do it infront of the whole school. Trust me, it’ll work.
    So Romantic!

    So Romantic!




  3. You Can’t Choose Who You Fall In Love With: Sometimes we just can’t explain why we love the person we do. People might say things like “you’re better then him,” “you’re prettier then him,” or “why do you even like him?” With love, you can’t choose who you love and that’s totally okay. Take Summer and Seth–Summer a popular, ditzy California girl who didn’t even knew Seth existed before Ryan came to town. Seth, a total nerd who listens to emo music 95% of the day. Yet somehow they fall in love, date, and get married. Talk about the most perfect couple ever.



  4. Keep Calm and Stay Positive: We all remember Taylor. That girl was literally out of control. She was loud, obnoxious, a total chatter box, and just weird. It was almost like she didn’t know how to socialize or be in a relationship. The fact that she ended up dating such a hunk (Ryan) is almost shocking. But, her negative attitude, her constantly need to over think things, and her creepy need to be around the gang 24/7 caused her eventual split with Ryan. Thank Goodness. Lesson learned: don’t be so hype.
    All Alone...

    All Alone…

    Big No No...

    Big No No…

  5. Be Yourself: Obviously there are things we don’t need people to know about us. But, we also have weird qualities that men are attracted to. Take Seth for example, he and summer not only have plastic pony friends but, he’s totally into Summer dressing up as a super hero for him. Find a dude who likes you for who you are, including all the weird toys and costumes you dress up in.
Captain Oats and Princess Sparkles Forever

Captain Oats and Princess Sparkles Forever

Ow Ow

Ow Ow

“Single Girl” is tired of hooking up with random dudes at frat parties, dealing with men leading her on, and always having to make the first move. Dealing with the unfortunate scene of college dating, “Single Girl” tackles the topics of love, lust, and relationships. 


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