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Top 3 Love Lessons Learned From The Hills

When I was younger my best friend and I use to call ourselves LC and LO. We had, and still have an incredible friendship like our two favorite reality stars. Though you might say it’s impractical to idolize two celebrities who made a living by throwing black and white cocktail parties in a hotel, the women from Laguna Beach and The Hills have taught us valuable love lessons in a very blunt and honest manner. Regardless of your situation, there is without a doubt a whole episode about your current love/lust/hook up situation. And, if there’s not, there’s a GIF, quote, or meme that can relate.


Lesson 1: Men Are Idiots

But really, homeboy wore combat boots to the beach. And as if Audrina’s Justin Bobby (do I even use a hyphen in that?) situation wasn’t heartbreaking enough, the poor girl had to deal with dudes who couldn’t even call her back.

“…But then when I wait around for you to call and like ask me out, you don’t do it so I just sit there and wait. Do you think that’s fair to me?”


If I were a guy, I’d be all up on that. Just saying. Justin Bobby (seriously, hyphen or not?) you’re a fool.


Lesson 2: Looks Aren’t Everything…But They’re Important

We’ve all been on a date with a super hot guy who you just know is out of your league. Then, when the actual date comes you’re all nervous, drink too many Heinekens, and then realize you need to sober up so you eat at least three dinner rolls while he’s in the bathroom. Okay, well maybe that’s only happened to me but that’s beside the point. After my dinner roll incident I realized it was way more fun being drunk because this guy was a wet blanket. Makes sense now why he was and still is single. Sometimes pretty guys are pretty boring, and sometimes, ugly guys are just…too ugly.


You need to find a balance my friends.


Lesson 3: Men Think With Their Dicks

This isn’t new news. But really, can’t men just be…nice? Like is it so hard to ask for someone to just be attentive, polite, and not be in it just for the score? Of course, it depends on what kind of guy you’re speaking with, not all men are in it to win it. But, at least 99.9% are, and that’s a fact.


According to Lauren Conrad, “you should have a guy that makes you feel happier, not upset. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for.”

And I couldn’t agree more!


Seriously, I don’t know why women put themselves through these kinds of things.

Moral of The Story: You’re Better Off…

In the end, we all live and learn. Sometimes at that moment in time, things may seem perfect and exactly what you want. But, after looking back, if something doesn’t work out, it doesn’t for a reason. As the great Lauren Conrad once said, “no one’s had the best relationships in the past. That’s why they’re in the past.”


Just remember friends, when you’re dealing with idiots who only want to get it in, you’re better off without them.


Single Girl” is tired of hooking up with random dudes at frat parties, dealing with men leading her on, and always having to make the first move. Dealing with the unfortunate scene of college dating, “Single Girl” tackles the topics of love, lust, and relationships. 


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