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The Toby and Spencer GIF guide: If You Want To Feel Bad About Your Body And Relationship

I finally figured out someone I hate more than my ex boyfriend, and it’s name is “A.” Pretty Little Liars is the only show that I will watch live, regardless of what I have to do or where I have to be. I’ve read the books and watched every episode. I’ve grown attached to certain characters (shout out to Spencer Hastings) and fell in love with couples (or really just Toby’s six pack). So, during the summer premier last week when Toby decided to help A by giving away the trailer, which contained so many important secrets, I knew this would be a rough week for his relationship with Spencer.

Can’t we just give the couple a break? They’ve gone through hell and back and yet somehow manage to maintain a loving relationship. Don’t tell me you didn’t ooze when Toby made Spencer breakfast and called himself her boyfriend.




But seriously, as a single girl, who wouldn’t want Toby as their man? I mean sure, he was on the A team for a hot second and he might have just joined again but he’s a bad boy who did it for love. And, when a bad boy is this attractive, a girl just can’t help herself.

Without further a due, I present to you: The Toby and Spencer GIF guide which will probably make you feel bad about yourself and your relationship thus resulting in you working on your own personal six pack and hope to find a dude that’s half the man Toby is. Yes, that is on a run on sentence.

Toby and Spencer started out just like every other couple, friends who knew a shit ton of secrets and couldn’t tell anyone, how cute!



Things became pretty serious pretty quickly and soon Spencer was swiping her v-card down a six-lane highway called smoking stomach (seriously, his body will never get old).




They were pretty lovey dovey and did cute things on screen like cuddle and make out and read books together.




Then Toby was on the A team and everyone was all:


And Spencer was all:


And meanwhile you’re just crying because you can’t believe what just happened.


Man, that slap was powerful.


Spencer was alone which only broke your heart and then you continued to be depressed throughout the entire season because life isn’t the same without Spoby. Yes, they have a nickname.



Luckily we found out that Toby was just doing this to protect Spencer and since then has become the boyfriend of the year…

tumblr_mjxueaMhp11rlwtgeo1_250 tumblr_mjxueaMhp11rlwtgeo7_250

Until we found out he gave away a van full of secrets that could ruin the Pretty Little Liars and put A back in charge.


But he was just so adorable crying that you couldn’t help but forgive him.



So what’s the status of Spoby? As of now, they’re great but once word gets out about what Toby did who knows what will happen to their relationship.


Meanwhile, I’ll be here waving my pom-poms for team Spoby. One more for the road.


Single Girl” is tired of hooking up with random dudes at frat parties, dealing with men leading her on, and always having to make the first move. Dealing with the unfortunate scene of college dating, “Single Girl” tackles the topics of love, lust, and relationships. 


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