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My Least Favorite Word Begins With A ‘C’

For the past two month’s I’ve thought about updating my blog. After I got a job I figured that I would still write for my own personal enjoyment. But, my busy New York life stopped me from actually putting a pen to paper. I began creating excuses such as “nothing is happening in my love life!” which brought me to the conclusion that I had nothing to write about, hence the two month hiatus.

I’d like to think that once you’re happy you can still be inspired and creative in your own way. But, let’s be real here. It’s hard to write when everything is happy-go-lucky.


So that brings us to this point in my life, right here and right now, another lesson learned. A few weeks ago I ran into a tough situation and I knew it had to be handled delicately. You know those situations where you and your guy don’t see eye-to-eye no matter how hard you try? The situations that lead you to the conclusion, boys are dumb, and then you move on?


Well, when you actually like someone you can’t just say “you’re an idiot. DUBAI,” because that would lead to far worse roads. So you have to step back from the situation, think about what you want to say, consult some experts (your best friends), and then decide the best approach. For me, the best approach according to my three best friends was compromise—and we all know I don’t do well in that category—diva status. But, I wanted things to be okay and this is what I had to do.

I saw both sides to the problem.  I took into consideration his thoughts and opinions. Then I thought about the plans I had made in my head while daydreaming at work. And I saw those beautiful ideas crumbling down. Initially I was sad, then angry, and then disappointed.

Earlier this summer one of my best friends told me that sometimes we have to do things we’re uncomfortable with for the people we love. I thought about this the entire time I was going through my three phases of emotions. I realized that I have to do this, whether I want to or not. And I didn’t want to choose the option of not.  Therefore, I accepted the changed plans with all bitterness aside.

Although it’s not exactly what I had thought up in my head, it was still special but special in a different way. I’m sure there will be times when I want to do something and my guy won’t but he’ll do it because he’ll remember to compromise (hint, hint).


One of my favorite quotations, “…It’s not supposed to be easy, that’s why it feels so good,” always makes me think about relationships. If your relationship is going smoothly 100% of the time, are you really challenging one another? Are you growing and learning?  There have to be bumps in the road in order for progression.

Lesson learned? When life gives you lemons, add some vodka and drink up.



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