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Just Let Me Live My Life

I’ve only lived in New York a short amount of time and yet there seems to be an evident divide among the different types of couples—the “never ever ever leave my side” couples or the “we’re just having fun” couples.  I can’t recall a single duo that is both committed but can actually spend time apart. When did it become acceptable for people to become attached at the hip and share the same brain?

Everyone I know is either living with their boyfriends, engaged/married, or just casually hooking up. The ones who are living with their boyfriends decide to opt out for a fun Saturday night and stay in and order take out. The ones who are engaged don’t even have proper full time jobs and the ones hooking up only think about sex or ways to find a new buddy. Although there’s nothing wrong with any of these things—when this becomes your daily routine—what exactly are you doing with your life?

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Of course, every night isn’t a circus and sometimes you will stay in, sometimes you will want to try and find ways to improve your sex life, and sometimes you will struggle with a job. But, how can people decide that they’re ready to trade their fresh and bopping twenties for rings, babies, and possibly STD’s?

Maybe I’m going through a quarter-life crisis or maybe you might think I haven’t found someone to spend time with. But, if you ask any of my friends, they’d tell you that I want to be engaged, not anytime soon, but probably before most of my friends. I’m all about romance and being committed but I’m also interested in actually living in my twenties and enjoy the city that I’ve dreamed of living in.


I just moved into my first apartment, I barely know how to cook, and lord help me if I know how to clean a bathtub. Yet, women my age (still 22) are wearing engagement rings, refusing to spend time with their female friends, and settling down for a life that’s ages ahead of them.

Why can’t people find a proper balance in both their relationship and their everyday life? Maybe I’m naive or “haven’t find someone to enjoy time with”–at these notions, I laugh. Maybe I want to act my age and not the age I wish I was. I just want to live my life before I look back when I’m 30 and realize that the fun can’t stop because it never actually started.

I don’t know about you but I’m actually 22


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