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Forever & Always

As we all know, I have a deep and passionate love for my number one girlfriend, Taylor Swift. Sometimes, I forget that other people actually enjoy her music too. Most complain about her relationships or her “childish” song titles which is almost everyone I know. Therefore, I place most people into the “Taylor hater” category and move on.

So, it was to my delightful surprise when a friend from college said he wanted to sing a Taylor song for my blog. Being a guy who is single, he reads my blog, and says that he relates to certain things.

What I didn’t know was that Stephen Babcock was going to pick a Taylor song that is actually connected to me and one of my best friends/former ex-boyfriend (you know who you are, wink).

When I fell in love with my best friend, I didn’t know what to think. We were always on the same wave length and had everything in common. After having a horrible week at school, he sent me two cd’s, one each marked for a different occasion. He had carefully constructed two playlists for the two sides of who I was (and still am), the hyper happy-go-lucky girl and the chill emotional diva. I wanted to return the favor since this surprise was so thoughtful. I crafted a playlist with some songs from our favorite artists at the time but, I noticed that there were no Taylor songs. He already used the ones I wanted and I didn’t want to seem like I was copying his playlist. So, I choose a song I hadn’t actually listened to, Forever and Always. The title sounded perfect and it was the destiny I wanted for our relationship. I wanted to be together forever and always. I added this as a the last track of the cd, sealed the envelope, and sent it along to Washington, DC.

Well, it turns out the song did have our destiny in mind, just not the way I had pictured it. Forever and Always is a song about a girl who trusted her boyfriend when he said they would stay together forever and always. It’s about the crumbling of a relationship and how sad things become when you think back to that certain conversation you had with the person you loved so dearly. Things ended for my ex and I but, luckily, two years later we decided we did have a forever and always. Just not the way I had originally hoped.

Listen to my friend Stephen sing the song of a former broken heart:

Check out more from Stephen:


Here’s to future forever and always–whether they be friendships, relationships, or the end of an era.


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