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All You Had to Do Was Stay

One of my favorite questions to ask someone when I am first getting to know them is “What are you passion about?” or “What is one thing you cannot live without in this world?” maybe it sounds silly or too deep but really, I think it’s insightful to who they are. It’s shocking to me when people don’t know how to answer this question or really have to ponder about it. For me, the automatic answer is Taylor Swift. Taylor is the woman who has been there through all the love stories, through the tragic breakups, and the spectacular times with all my friends. She has been there for me when I’ve been so down and out about myself. She’s been there when it feels like I’ve floating on air in love. And, she’s brought together my two best friends and I since we initially bonded over our love for her. There is without a doubt no one else whom I would need to meet in this world other than Taylor Swift.

It all started with an email from the corporate communications team at my company several weeks ago. They announced that they would be hosting an event with Taylor Swift and more details would be sent along soon. I quickly connected with several of my friends on the team and begged for any information they could share. Through word of mouth and several people on the lookout for me, I found out she would be heading in the day before the event around 6 P.M. As excited as I was, I wasn’t going to get my hopes up too high.

It’s Monday at 11 A.M. and I get a text message from one of my friends explaining to me that she knows where Taylor Swift will be having her rehearsal for her iHearRadio 1989 Secret Session Concert. “This is my moment,” I think as I grab my co-worker and head to the SoHo location. “No one will even know about this, it’s so insider-y!” As we circle the block several times to decide which spot Taylor will enter, we notice that the streets are blocked off and that there are zero Taylor fans, which only makes us happier. Picking a spot on the corner where we are able to watch both entrances, we know we’ll be able to see her. After standing around for an hour and a half, we sigh and decide it’s time to go back to the office. Better luck next time.

It’s Tuesday at 5:10 P.M. My colleague and I decide that we do in fact want to wait for Taylor and figure worst case scenario, we see her long legs walk past us, not bad huh? We sit inside the store next to where Taylor is apparently entering and make a friend with one of the sales clerks. She explains to us that the security is actually really nice and we should explain to them that we work for the company and would like to wait outside. A bit hesitant, the sales clerk decides she will go tell security for us. Next thing we know, security is coming over and making small talk with us. They explain that we can wait outside and as long as we are respectful, we can take pictures.

It’s 7:00 P.M. one hour later than Taylor is supposed to arrive. My colleague and I are getting antsy at this point and forget what /who we are even waiting for. Finally, one of Taylor’s security guards comes up to us and explains that Taylor is feeling a bit under the weather and that she may not come up to us and hug us. We look at one another not even realizing that this was a possibility.

It’s 7:45 P.M. and Taylor comes out of her black SUV. It’s so exciting until three paparazzi come in front of us and push us out of the way. I scream, “I love you Taylor!” and snap a few pictures of my own but Taylor doesn’t even look my way. She rushes into the elevator bringing her up to the building. I feel defeated and disappointed, I waited almost three hours after work for a picture of the back of Taylor’s legs.



My colleague and I decide to go grab a snack because if we’re going to wait for Taylor to return, who knows how long it will be? The security asks where we’re going and we explain that we’ll be back. At this point, we’re best friends with them as well as their main source of entertainment. As we head back we chat about life and anything that will help pass the time. This time we decide to stand on the other side of the roped-off area so that way maybe Taylor will see us as she heads to her car. Taylor’s security guard comes up to us and explains to us that we need to stand on the other side. We cross back to the right side as he tells the paparazzi they need to be on the left side.

It’s 8:45 P.M. and Taylor’s other security guard explains that we are allowed to take pictures and he promises not to get in our way. We’re just hoping that she’ll come and say hello or at least wave to us. What happens next is something that I would never expect to happen even in my wildest dreams.

It’s 9:00 P.M. and Taylor’s bodyguard tells us to come with him. He asks us if we want to meet Taylor. I quickly reply, “Yes, yes we do.” He says that we’ll go into the elevator and meet Taylor. Unsure of if we’re taking the elevator up to meet her or if we’re going to hang in the elevator, we go ahead step up to the doors. The doors open and two men walk out and escort us in. I can’t believe my eyes—Taylor Swift is in the corner of the elevator. It’s a completely out of body experience, I felt like I was watching a YouTube video of Taylor surprising her fans at a 1989 Secret Session, not me actually meeting this beautiful creature.

I rush to her and hug her and start crying. She says, “Hi Guys, I heard you’ve been waiting, do you want a picture?” I say yes and she grabs my phone. Next thing I know I’m taking a selfie with Taylor. Her people are hanging me TS guitar picks but I can’t even focus or hold anything and drop them to the floor. I explain to her how much I love her, how I love 1989, and how I had a 1989 party. She was so excited about my party and asked how it went! She was so happy to hear that I had done that. Taylor then asked if we wanted to have a photo shoot with her. She then linked arms with my colleague and I and we walked her to her SUV. All while this is happening I’m continuing to cry and say “This is not real life” over and over again. Taylor is giggling and the paparazzi are now taking pictures of us.

As she leaves I wave goodbye and then begin to hysterically cry into my colleagues arms. I keep saying things like “I knew she would stop!” and “She’s so nice” and “THIS IS NOT REAL LIFE!!!” I proceed to cry for approximately 3 hours. I can’t believe what just happened to me, this MUST be a dream.


I only tell a total of five people that I met her because I want to keep this a secret. Everyone would just expect me to post it on Facebook right away. I decide this is something so rare and extraordinary that I need to savor it for myself first. The next day as you all know, I post it onto all social media.

There is nothing else I could possibly want more in life. There is no one else I need to meet. This will honestly be better than my engagement, my wedding day, and the birth of my children.  Maybe that sounds silly but Taylor saved my life. Nothing can take away or ruin this moment, as it is forever perfect. I don’t need a 1989 secret session where I am invited to her home. I had such an intimate moment with her it was absolutely insane that it even happened.

I realized after the fact that I never told her my name or that I’ve been to four of her concerts or that I slept on the streets in Times Square to see her or that she literally saved my life. But it’s okay because I really think the tears showed her how I felt.

Side notes: Taylor is SUPER tall, knows how to take an awesome selfie, wears soft sweaters, doesn’t care if you cry or touch her waist (or hug her for that matter), and knows how to treat her fans. She is the nicest human to ever exist—she was so sweet and kind and I cannot get over how thoughtful she was.

Until we meet again Taylor….



2 thoughts on “All You Had to Do Was Stay

  1. Steph!!!!!!!!!! There are NO WORDS. SO happy for you! You are proof that good things don’t happen to those who wait, good things happen to those who HUSTLE AND STAY REAL TO THEYSELZ. taylor forever. yay. love you.

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