#WCW / Girl Power

#WCW: Kristen Hopf

When I decided to start writing for my blog again all my friends were extremely supportive. However, there was one friend in particular who would talk through my ideas with me, who would let me ask questions about layout and design, and who would also listen to me vent about my life—I can’t believe she’s even able to handle all of these things at the same time.

Without the inspiration of her own blog, Skyward Eyes, I wouldn’t have thought to create consistency with the #MCM, #WCW, and #TBT type posts that I’ve started on my own blog. It was this friend who actually suggested that I should write about strong women on Wednesdays instead of making my blog so male-centric. This is just one of the many reasons my friend Kristen is my first official Woman Crush Wednesday.


Kristen is so passionate about life, the great outdoors, and traveling. She’s also a fantastic writer and knows her strengths. She is so confident in everything she does and her strong understanding of herself only allows her to continue to succeed and raise the bar higher. I have a lot of amazing women in my life but someone who seems to be consistently on the same level as me in all aspects of life is Kristen. Kristen is someone whom I’m able to tell everything to from problems at work, drama with boys, and even things I’m too embarrassed to write about on here.

Kristen’s strong desire to learn everything and anything as well as her daring dreams to travel is so encouraging. Her lack of desire and need to have a man around only makes her so much better. She’s not one of those desperate girls who needs a man or she will die. She can survive on her own and continues to do so.


She always makes me question life by thinking of what else can I learn, what else can I do, and what is something new I can discover. I know as Kristen gets further on in her life she will be wildly successful, madly in love, and beautiful as always. Our friendship is one that continues to be strong even miles apart and brief conversations in between months.

Thank you Kristen for being such a strong, bold woman. The world needs more people like you.



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