Taylor Quote Tuesday

Taylor Quote Tuesday: I Wish You Would

“You always knew how to push my buttons. You gave me everything and nothing.”

I like connect names and situations to songs, which is one of the main reasons why Taylor Swift and I get along so well. I love hearing that one lyric where time freezes, I stop what I’m doing, replay that segment of the song, and feel this click in my heart where I understand exactly where the artist is coming from.

This feeling tends to happen so frequently with Taylor that I don’t even wait to be surprised with a lyric. Instead I listen to each song and wonder which lyric is parallel to my life, which line could eventually be similar to my life, and which situations I would never want my life to relate to. While most songs are categorized as “to be decided” until the timing is right, there is one song in “1989” that resonated with me instantly.

What’s interesting about “I Wish You Would” is that it initially comes off as a song where a girl and her ex boyfriend both miss one another and wish the other person knew. However, the juxtaposition in where it takes an interesting twist is in the line: “You always knew how to push my buttons. You gave me everything and nothing.”

This line gives the song a completely different meaning. I think the main reason it resonated with me is because I’ve gone through a relationship that was so beautiful yet I was completely stripped raw. The majority of our time spent together was fairy tale-like and magical. But when there was an issue in this relationship, it hit me hard. One by one with each disagreement we had I felt like an onion bring peeled away layer by layer until I felt completely apathetic about the whole situation. This relationship gave me everything I wanted but also presented problems I wish had never happened to me.

I like to connect my personal experiences to music because it makes me realize that others have felt this way before. Is there a specific Taylor Swift song that relates to your life?




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