#MCM: Sam Hunt

My friends and I were leaving brunch and walking across a bridge in DC. Our destination was in sight but we were waiting for our getaway vehicle. Our friends were picking us up on the corner on the other end of the bridge to head to their house to begin our Fourth of July festivities. A sedan could be seen a little ways down the road heading towards our direction. It looked like the car was shaking because of the music blasting through the speakers. This was the first time I heard the glorious Sam Hunt.


When I first heard “House Party” I tried to compare Sam to Florida Georgia Line. The first time I heard “Cruise” I needed to play it for all of my friends on repeat. Everyone I shared “Cruise” with instantly clicked with the song and shortly after we would hear it nonstop on the radio. “Cruise” then became the best-selling country digital song of all time in the United States. And this is exactly how I feel about the future for Sam Hunt.

This soulful singer mixes country music with R&B creating the perfect rhythmic melody for passing time at work to getting ready for a night out on the town. In addition to his BEAUTIFUL looks, he has an adopted cat named Dandelion, was almost a professional football player, and is an avid listener of John Mayer. If all of this and his music doesn’t make you fall in love, the fact that this first album, “Montevallo”, is about his ex-girlfriend yet has nothing negative to say about her, shows what a thoughtful guy he is.


Some state that Sam is the next Luke Bryan and this absolutely wouldn’t surprise me. He’s got the talent and the dance moves, if you know what I mean.



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