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Bigger Might Not Be Better

Humans are always looking for bigger and better things. Whether it’s getting a higher salary or position at a job, searching for a larger apartment with a cheaper rent, or purchasing clothing that you don’t necessarily need but want because of the current fashion trends. That’s life and we’re all guilty of it. However, I think when it comes to investing in people and relationships, you need to like what you have or move on. I think it’s completely unfair to string someone along until something bigger and better happens to you.


A good friend of mine went through an odd situation recently. It started during her college days when she was hooking up with a guy who was much more invested in the relationship than she was. He ended things with a former fling in order to be together with my friend. Things quickly escalated to phone calls on Christmas, constant texting, and rain showers of compliments—she was obviously satisfied with the way things were going. Of course as life would have it, as soon as they got back to school he was suddenly seeing another girl and started ignoring my friend.

Fast-forward to a year later and this guy is still dating his girlfriend from college. Suddenly out of the blue he’s trying to communicate with my friend again. He’s bringing up old inside jokes and even saying to her “I shouldn’t be texting you, I’ll get in trouble.” Clearly he understands what he is doing is wrong and yet, he won’t stop.

This, my friends, is what you call someone who is always looking for something bigger and better. He’s dissatisfied with what he currently has and wants to trade it in for something bigger and shiner. Of course in life there will be times where you know that something isn’t right and need to move on and of course there will be times where you don’t know what you want so you need a break. But, people who can’t be satisfied in their relationships and what they have are not only selfish, but they are also clearly dissatisfied with their own life.

As my parents used to tell me when I was younger; once a puppy grows up he won’t be little and cute anymore, he’ll be bigger and you won’t be able to pick him up, but you still need to care for him and love him. That’s how men should be treating women, once the initial honeymoon stage has passed, if you’re constantly unhappy, maybe you should look in the mirror before heading to the market to get something new.



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