#TBT: November According to Tumblr

November has been a magical month full of excitement, surprises, and sheer delight. The month started out with an enchanting weekend in Connecticut where I saw hundreds of trees, thousands of vibrant orange leaves, and smelled fresh air. It’s amazing what a weekend outside of the city can do. I visited Storrs, CT home of my rival school, UConn. I love the desolate areas of Connecticut where I feel like New York City doesn’t even exist. Therefore, it’s no surprise on Tumblr I posted lots of pictures of beautiful foliage, here are some of my favorites:

tumblr_ncrw7wA4Hd1rodceto1_500 tumblr_n7ucpmV6YO1rub0hvo1_1280

In November I also spent a lot of time listening to new music including the adorable Sam Hunt and The 1975. I am so excited to see The 1975 tonight in NYC and I still can’t get over the fact that I met Sam Hunt. I was fortunate enough to grab tickets to see David Letterman last week. It was awesome for a number of reasons but most importantly, Sam was the musical guest. On Tumblr I posted a lot of song lyrics from the current artists I’m listening to these days.



I think the most important thing that happened during the month of November is that I continued to work hard towards what I want and finally, it seems like my hard work is paying off. Although I was promoted in my job in October, I have officially accepted a new position at another company where I will start in the new year. I’m so proud of myself and feel like I am staying true to what I’ve always wanted to do. On Tumblr I posted lots of quotes about my dreamy future.

tumblr_nb39cbcMYt1tpkplho1_1280 tumblr_nbyl325N661qzjqrio1_500


It’s been an amazing November and I’m excited to see what December brings!


I started at the bottom and now I’m on top.


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