Taylor Quote Tuesday

Taylor Quote Tuesday: An Ode to Red

Below is an entry I originally wrote for my Tumblr. It is tradition that every week before Taylor Swift’s newest CD comes out, I look back on all my experiences during the time period of the album and write about them. Below is what I wrote the week before 1989 was release and the experiences I had during the Red era.

The weather is warm out for an evening in October. I’m sitting against a building with bright enough lights to make it seem like it’s an early afternoon in New York City. I look to my right and see a young couple cuddling and whispering to one another. The girl is holding a sign in her hand which reads “loving him is red.” I roll my eyes in disgust and think about how this couple is destined for failure although inside it seems as though my blood has turned green with envy. I’m on and off again with someone and we’re not on speaking terms at the moment. I grab my friend whom I’ve embarked this journey with and insist we take photos to document the moment. I want him to know I’m having so much fun without him here.


I drop my Diet Coke and it spills all over my jeans. Little accidents like this normally stress me out but tonight is my night and I could care less. I am waiting impatiently for the girl who has again and again mended my broken heart and turned it into a mosaic piece of art. She fixes it all with her danceable beats and lyrics that make it seem like she’s mirroring my own life. I’m laughing and smiling and singing and dancing and living in the moment. Everything about this evening is perfect until she sits down to play the piano. Tears trickle down my face and I become incredibly sad thinking about my future.

Several weeks later I cry to the boy I am seeing. I tell him how that song is the forthcoming future of our relationship. How I’ll know it all too well.


We’re sitting in your car listening to a mainstream radio station, per my choice. Our song (no pun intended) comes on and it brings me back to all the cliché but wonderful memories of our relationship. The late nights, the Sunday mornings that went by too quickly, the weekends of staying in and watching movies, the silly nights out in the big city too drunk to remember what was so funny, and the endless conversations of what we will do with our lives. You’re not bad news, you’re one of my biggest supporters and I am yours.


I’m walking to Union Square and listening to the tracks that brought me all these memories.  I’m listening to the songs that were the playlist of my senior year of college, the songs that helped me through the distance and through the terrible days at work. I’m grateful for the life I’ve lived, the experiences I’ve had (even the broken hearts), and the bright lights of the future that will guide me, not blind me. As I’m looking up I see the Empire State building and you’ll never guess what color the lights are tonight… red.



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