#MCM / Friday Musings

Friday Musings: Meeting My #MCM Sam Hunt

If you follow me on any type of social media you know that when I like something I will not stop talking about it. Take my Tumblr as a prime example, all I do is talk about Taylor Swift, some basic bitch interests I have like Starbucks, and anything I’m currently obsessing over. And at the moment I am head-over-heels in love with Sam Hunt as he was my #MCM this week on my blog. I had an amazing opportunity a few weeks ago to see him perform on David Letterman.

The experience I had at David Letterman was truly an exciting one. I’ve never been to a live taping of a television show before so I didn’t know what to expect. David began the show by doing some stand up and asking the audience questions. He shared a story about how his son was giving his wife some attitude in the car the other day. He explained the best way to handle this type of situation is to of course pull the car over and leave your child out on the side of the interstate. This joke became a running line that would occur throughout the entire episode of Letterman but only his audience would know the story behind it.

Seth Rogen and Amy Sedaris were the two guests that David interviewed on the show. Both Seth and Amy were hilarious and I felt as though their humor matched David’s perfectly. After lots of laughing, smiling, and clapping, Sam finally came out. He looked gorgeous in a white button down and dark pants. He also sounded wonderful and exactly like his cd. Check out his performance below:


After Sam’s performance my colleague and I went outside and waited for Sam to exit the building. His band had already packed up and was waiting in their van. Then a member of the band came up to us and asked if we were waiting for Sam. We told him yes and then he explained that Sam will be out shortly and that he was just wrapping up a couple of things. Then about 5 minutes later the band member came up to us again and promised that Sam will be out shortly. Little did this guy know that we’re used to waiting up to 5 hours for celebrities to come and say hi to us.

Sam walked out of the building so casually and came up to the group (about 10 people total) and said hi to all of us. One by one each person introduced himself or herself to Sam and took a picture. I went up to Sam and shook his hand and introduced myself. I told him that I thought he did a great job on Letterman and that I’m looking forward to seeing his whole set in February. He then asked which show I was attending and I said the one in New York City. He thanked me and we took a glorious photo together. He smelled AMAZING. I have never smelled a man as fine as him. Then afterwards he told me he would see me in February and was excited to be back in the city.

It was such a casual encounter but it was everything I wanted. He is so adorable and nice! And I absolutely can’t wait to see this stud muffin in February.



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