#MCM: Matty Healy

Let’s start this post by saying a week and a half ago if you would have asked me my thoughts and feelings towards Matty Healy, I would have told you that he’s a troll and I don’t trust anyone named Matthew. While I still definitely don’t trust anyone named Matthew, I can say that I am absolutely smitten with Matty Healy and The 1975.


I first heard of The 1975 through my friend who had mentioned that she really wanted to go to their concert. While she had explained to me that they were a British punk band, it wasn’t until my girlfriend Taylor wore their t-shirt that I decided to give them a try. Taylor had recommended Ed to me and I fell in love with him so I knew I could trust her opinion.

The 1975 is one of those bands where you get into the beat before you actually become connected to the words. Maybe because I’m a silly American, but it’s hard to understand what Matty’s saying when he’s singing so quickly. Once you dedicate the time to understanding the lyrics, then you become memorized by some of the messages they’re trying to convey. They cover the entire spectrum of emotions which I am obviously into.


When I saw The 1975 in concert two times within one week (get ready for this week’s “Friday Musings” post), I suddenly got so into Matty. Besides the fact that he’s alternative (and all my friends and I do is ramble on about “deep dark souls”,) Matty is not afraid to be emotional and share his feelings with his fans, there’s something about his snarky attitude that’s appealing.

If you’ve never heard of them and don’t know where to start, some of my favorite songs include The City, Girls, Sex, Settle Down, and She Way Out.

Check out the video below for more on Matty and his snarky humor (start at 5 minutes):



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