Friday Musings

Friday Musings: The 1975 Concert, Twice.

As mentioned in my #MCM post this week, I am obsessed with Matty Healy and The 1975. So in typical me fashion, once I saw them in concert, I had to buy tickets to see them again.  Two weeks ago my friends Ellen, Brooke, and I adventured over to Terminal 5 in hopes that we would get a good spot on the floor since the concert was general admission. Considering I haven’t gone to a general admission concert in about three years, I was obviously anxious and sharing my nerves with my friends as well. “We must wear heels so we can see!” “We can’t stand on the balcony unless we are standing in front of the banister so we can get a good view!” “We can’t wear coats because there will be nowhere to keep them!” The list goes on and on…sorry Brooke and Ellen.


Anyway, after waiting in line in the freezing cold with America’s youth (About 90% of the crowd was under 21), we were able to enter the concert and wait another two hours for The 1975 to come on.

The most notable things that happened during this concert:

  • The opening band played a love song titled “fucked up”. Enough said. Listen to it here.
  • The second opening band was from Philly and was lookin’ fine…until we saw them again for the second time and realized being closer made them less attractive, oops.
  • Taylor Swift was at the concert with her Victoria’s Secret posse, awkward dancing, and flirting from afar with lead singer Matty. During the concert Matty pointed to Taylor Swift and sang “I’m falling for you” as well as waved to her several times throughout the night. They’re obviously dating.
  • Matty was extremely drunk and was continuously drinking from a large bottle of wine, too bad he didn’t share.
  • Matty continued to yell at the crowd—he called us animals, told us to put our phones down, and asked us to dance like idiots. It was actually pretty humorous.

It might not sound like it was fun, but it was pretty memorable. We weren’t as close to the stage as we would have liked to have been. It wasn’t until the second concert that thing’s got more interesting.


A week later Ellen and I decided that our deep, dark souls couldn’t handle another day without seeing Matty in person. So, I took the Metro North to New Canaan where Ellen picked me up and we proceeded to drive another hour to Wallingford, CT. Somehow in life, I always end up in the strangest places in Connecticut.

We got to the concert which was in a barn/house/dome and quickly made friends with some fun pre-teens who were too drunk to function. The pre-teens took us by the hand and pushed through the crowd to get us up close and personal. However, since they were so intoxicated, we had no other choice but to ditch them and recruit two boys to lead the way. The pre-teens almost got kicked out of the concert anyway, so they were a buzzkill and we were happy to have dodged that bullet.

We ended up spending most of the concert with these two guys, highlights include but are not limited to: having them buy us beer although they weren’t drinking, learning that apparently Adam was the first name on earth, getting complimented on my lip color by a child, meeting a Justin Bieber look alike who had to leave at 11:30 because his mom was picking him up and he had a school project to complete #highschoollife (his hashtag, not mine), meeting a girl who apparently saw The 1975 in concert 21 times and got drunk with Matty/lost her cell phone, being groped by two high school lovers who couldn’t dance in their own space, and hearing the phrase “thirsty” throughout the night although apparently I had a beer which is very hydrating.


Besides the amusing events that happened throughout the night, The 1975 were more energetic and pleased with the crowd.  They put on a fantastic show and talked to the audience more than the first time. Matty mentioned that they are recording their second album and when they go on tour they’re going to come back to Connecticut because “why the fuck not” (note: he did not say that about NYC). He was even cracking jokes and talking to the crowd like we were old mates. In addition to the positive attitude of the band and crowd, the music sounded so much better. I’m not sure if it was because we were in a venue with better acoustics or if it’s because Matty wasn’t as drunk as the first time, but they sounded better than the CD.

While I’m mourning Matty and The 1975 because I probably won’t seem them live again for at least another year or so, it was an amazing adventure with good stories to share repeatedly with my friends until further notice.



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