Weekend Reads

Weekend Reads

See below for some of my favorite reads this week regarding all things love, lust, and relationships.

  • I always wonder what goes on in my ex’s mind when I write poorly about him. I’m just a little blogger over here and this dude wrote a whole book, read about his ex girlfriends reaction here.
  • It seems as though during the holiday season I’m either a) in love b) working on being in love by texting a cute boy or c) telling my family I’m single when I’m really hooking up with some dumb frat guy. This year, I’m actually single and I’m killin’ it. Read the perks of being single during the holidays here.
  • It’s hard always being the “type A” in my friend group and right now I’m trying to figure out everyone’s life for NYE. I read this and actually fell out of my chair while laughing hysterically. One of my co-workers asked me if “I was enjoying myself over there”. Why yes, yes I was.

And here is my favorite Tumblr post of the week:


Happy weekend ya’ll!


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