Friday Musings

Friday Musings: A Reflection on 2014

Each year I take the time to sit down and reflect on the twelve months that have just passed me. I love seeing how much I’ve accomplished, how much I learned, and how much more learning I have to do. Feel free to embarrass me and read about my experiences in 2011, 2012 and 2013 (I’m actually really proud of 2013 and find it quite beautiful). The great thing about looking back on all these years and experiences is that life continues to shock me.  A year ago if you would have told me that I would be starting a new job, living with two of my best friends, and would be best friends with Taylor Swift , I would have laughed in your face.

When you put in writing all the major things that occurred this year, it makes it feel like my life was nonstop and that so many new things had happened. This year involved a lot. A lot meaning high intensity in everything (work hard, play hard), an insane amount of hours worked overtime, endless travels and a lot of nights with little sleep. To give you a better understanding of this year, see below for 2014 in numbers:

  • 43 Books read [See the full list here]
  • 14 Flights [LA, Seattle, Houston, Chicago, Boston, Miami, Atlanta x2]
  • 11 States [California, Washington, Texas, Illinois, Massachusetts, Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut and DC)
  • 8 Job Interviews
  • 4 Concerts [Luke Bryan x 2 and The 1975 x 2, I really branch out…]
  • 4 Celebrities met [Bob Saget, Lena Dunham, Taylor Swift and Sam Hunt]
  • 2 Times on the West Coast in 2 weeks [LA and Seattle]

However, no matter how insane or stressful life got, I felt as though I really did take the time to sit back and enjoy the view. When I was busy traveling for work and getting four hours of sleep at night, instead of napping during any breaks I had, I was out exploring the new land I touched down on. When it was summer and I was able to take summer Fridays, instead of taking a Friday afternoon to hang out in the city, I pushed myself to travel and fill up every single weekend with something memorable to do. When I was interviewing for jobs and getting restless from the whole process, I tried to understand what I was getting out of the experience instead of considering it a waste of time. No matter how busy life got, I continued to be eager and quench my thirst with new.

New also means change. I feel like this year I’ve changed a lot. When I went through a breakup the old me would have moped around for months being depressed but the new me allowed myself two weeks and then I forced myself to bounce back. Last Thanksgiving the old me rolled my eyes at my family members all gathered around the TV watching football, but this year the new me cheered and chanted for the Eagles to beat the Cowboys. Last year if my friend asked me if I wanted to drive to a concert two hours away on a weeknight I would have declined because sleep is important but the new me wants to spend more time living than sleeping.  These are just a few examples of changes I’ve gone through on the exterior but I know there are even more on the interior.

The year started out with a visit to Syracuse where I drank amaretto sours and enjoyed my time at chucks.

I then journeyed across the country for the first time to LA to reunite with my best friend from London.

and touched the Pacific ocean for the first time….


Then a week later I traveled across the country to visit Seattle for the first time and my breath was taken away by the beautiful views.Seattle2

I obviously drank some Starbucks.

After visiting Houston, Chicago, and Boston I decided it was time to settle down and visit Miami…Miami

And enjoyed some quality beach time with my two best friends.


The summer came quickly and I spent lots of time doing things I didn’t get a chance to do the year before like going down the shore and working on my tan. I also traveled to the Belmont in hopes of watching California Chrome win. He lost,  but it was still fun.Belmont

I went to DC to visit my two besties on the 4th of July.DC

And enjoyed the views with my friend who traveled all the way from LA to be with us.DC2

I celebrated my 22+2 birthday with my closest friends at the most magical restaurant in NYC.Birthday

And then I met some cool celebrities like Lena Dunham who called me sparkles. Still not over it.Lena

I also casually became best friends with Taylor Swift in an elevator.

I celebrated Halloween with some of my best gal pals. Yes, I did just say that.Friends

I made some new friends this year and even made Publishers Weekly Halloween recap with them.

I continued to be best friends with R.L. Stine and closed the bell as NASDAQ with him, Brooke, and Slappy.NASDAQ

Oh and I casually met Sam Hunt after watching a live taping of David Letterman.Sam Hunt

I visited my favorite state, Connecticut, and was memorized by the screaming colors. CT

I started listening to someone other than Taylor Swift [The 1975] and then became almost as obsessed with them as I am with Taylor.1975

I continued to make my beautiful friendships stronger and realized that family runs deep.


Cheers to a new year, a new job, new experiences, and a new me.


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