#WCW: Mindy Kaling

The point of having posts such as #WCW or #MCM is to add consistency to my blog. However, I don’t want to force something if it’s not there, and to be frank, I’ve been so uninspired by the women in Hollywood these days that I’ve been having difficulty choosing my next “Woman Crush Wednesday”. That is, until I watched The Mindy Project a couple of weeks ago.


I’ve always adored Mindy Kaling, she’s a real woman, and she’s not this skinny, white, basic bitch, cookie cutter girl you see in the media every day. In fact, I rarely ever see anything about Mindy in the media, she’s a mystery. Think about it, do you ever read something about Mindy’s lips growing three sizes over night? Or paparazzi shots of her and a mysterious lover grabbing dinner at some underground LA restaurant? Most days she’s actually writing and working and being a person who actually deserves the money she makes.

A couple of weeks ago I was catching up on The Mindy Project, specifically, episode 10 in season 3, “What About Peter?” As we all know, Danny owns an extra apartment in his building and he’s been thinking about tearing down a wall to combine the two spaces together. Mindy thinks that this means that Danny wants her to move in but she later finds out that he wanted to expand so his mom could move in. Instead of Mindy and Danny getting in a huge argument, Mindy brushes him off and matter-of-factly states  “I’m going to be fine no matter what happens,” and goes on further to mention that she only wants to move in with someone who is as excited as being a couple as she is. Mindy ends it with “You should ask me [to move in with you] when you’re not ‘really nervous’ about it.” The episode then ends and my jaw drops.


This is one of the main reasons I love Mindy, she completely embraces this “bad ass independent bitch” attitude that I’m so fond of these days. She doesn’t care about what society, her TV boyfriend, or the media thinks, all she cares about is being a strong woman and showcasing that through her writing. If this isn’t enough to make you adore her, she’s hilarious and that’s saying a lot seeing as how I don’t find anything funny (No really, I didn’t laugh once during Anchorman but still thought it was pretty good). See below for some of my favorite lines from The Mindy Project that still make me laugh until my stomach hurts.




Keep doing what you’re doing Mindy.


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