Taylor Quote Tuesday

Taylor Quote Tuesday: Better Than Revenge

When I was 16 years old I remember sitting on the track outside of my high school with my team, pretending to warm up while we waited for our coach to come outside and begin the days workout. A group of people were walking nearby and I noticed my friend Lisa was with them, I called her over and we began to talk. However, what I really remember from that moment was the beat of my heart and how I felt looking at this guy standing next to her. I had no idea who he was but he immediately made me laugh and as we were saying hello I was hoping we would never have to say goodbye.

We ended up dating for 10 or 11 months and our relationship could easily be described as a teen movie set in the summertime, meaning that we were always having fun. When we weren’t at the beach, going to concerts, or riding roller coasters at Six Flags, we were laughing and hanging out with all of our friends during a summer series we called “backyard parties”. He was a guy who I genuinely liked and who pushed me to be creative since he was so artsy himself.

It was devastating when I learned didn’t love me anymore and even more devastating when I learned he was seeing another girl whom he claimed was “just his friend” when I questioned him about it.

Since we were broken up, he obviously had every right to spend time with this other girl. However, the thing that bothered me the most were all the lies. He would deny having feelings for her and tell me that they weren’t dating even though I would see them hold hands in the hallways. I was once told by his friends that the reason they lied about their relationship for several months was because they didn’t think I was “ready for it” (how true this is, is up for interpretation.) Instead of being mad at the guy who broke my heart, I was so angry with the girl who stole him from me. I said such horrible things about her that were pathetic low blows. I was 17 at this point, heartbroken, and angry.


I eventually moved on and dated someone else, but the annoyance of the situation would still bother me from time to time. I clearly wasn’t over it. When I was 18 a song called “Better Than Revenge” came out and described all my feelings about my ex and his girlfriend.

This Taylor song was exactly what I needed, someone else who made me realize that I’m not the only person who gets upset at the girl who stole the boy. I’m not the only person who says really cruel things because I think it will make me feel better. When you’re 16/17 and in love and someone steals it away from you, you’re going to want revenge.


Since this situation occurred, I’ve made peace with both my ex and the girl. Apologies were said and we put the past where it belongs, behind us. They’re both wonderful people and I wouldn’t be able to say a single negative thing about them today. We’ve all made silly mistakes and said really mean things to others. When you’re 16 years old, you don’t know any better.



One thought on “Taylor Quote Tuesday: Better Than Revenge

  1. I wish there was an easier remedy for making that hurt go away. People can be ao cruel and i’d be the same way, saying mean and hurtful things to those who hurt me first.
    And then we learn and grow.
    Great post 🙂

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