Weekend Reads

Weekend Reads

This week has been insanely busy as I have just started my new job! Thus far I have really been enjoying myself and I feel like I am learning so much. While being challenged is obviously difficult, it’s great because I know I will only be stronger and better at my job in the end. I was able to find some downtime to do a weekly round-up of fun articles I read this week. Check out below!

  • BuzzFeed will have a new segment on their website where readers can ask a random guy dating advice. This could go very well…or horribly wrong.
  • Ya’ll know I am totally Soshanna from Girls and to celebrate the season premiere, read this article for a recap of some of the funniest things Sosh has said thus far.
  • This video was adorable but also completely moving. Watch the reactions of little boys as they are asked to hit a little girl.
  • Thinking of ways to get back at your ex? Send them a glitter package.
  • My girl Mindy did an interview with Good Housekeeping and killed it. Check it out here.

And this post wouldn’t be complete without my favorite image I reblogged from Tumblr this week. Check it out below and happy weekend all!



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