#WCW: Rachel Bilson

I may be the only person in the world who watches Hart of Dixie and I don’t care. This show was made for me, it’s about a trendy, fast-walking and smooth-talking New Yorker who moves to the South to follow her dreams of becoming a doctor. Not only does Rachel Bilson rock as the lead character, Zoey Hart but, the strapping Southern gentleman of this show are fabulous to look at.


As we all know, Rachel Bilson recently had a baby, so Hart of Dixie has been on a hiatus for a long time. It finally returned a few weeks back and has left me dying for more. Let’s back up a bit and explain an on-and-off again relationship that character Zoey has had with hottie Wade Kinsella. Wade is your typical bad boy and right from the start he and Zoey have issues getting along. They of course overcome these issues and eventually date until Wade *gasps* cheats on Zoey for some low-life hooker. Zoey moves on, dates some loser, and eventually is single again. During her breakup from the loser, Zoey realizes that Wade is her one true love and that they belong together. When Zoey suggests this to Wade, they have sex, and it takes him two months to finally realize that Zoey is right.

Spoiler Alert: I will be discussing season 4 and what has happened in the past two episodes.

Once Wade realizes that Zoey is right, it’s a bit too late as Zoey has been keeping a secret from him–that she is pregnant. While all of this is going on, Zoey keeps her cool and realizes that she is a strong, independent woman who can raise this baby with or without Wade. But this isn’t surprising as Zoey is someone who sees a problem and does everything in her power to fix it. She’s sassy and strong and is a fresh breath in the town of BlueBell.



Besides her impeccable fashion sense, her strong desire to reach her goals, and her sense of humor, the main reason I love Zoey Hart is because she doesn’t care about what people think or say. She moved to a town where everyone hated her and accused her of stopping a wedding, but that didn’t stop her. She know’s what she wants and she will do anything to get it. “No” is not an option for her and regardless of how frustrating her path becomes, she will always fight through it and make it out on the other side. More television characters should follow Zoey’s path, she’s on the right one and know’s how to work it.

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