#MCM: One Direction

Sometimes I feel like a pubescent teen because I am always talking about guys–ones I don’t know, dudes I do know, and men who I never want to speak about ever again (but continue to anyway because I can’t hold my hatred inside). Therefore I find it ironic that I have issues deciding who will be my next #MCM, obvious choices include hotties like Ed Sheeran, Ryan Reynolds, and Jake Gyllenhaal. However, I’m trying to find more guys that wouldn’t be such easy choices to keep the spirit of Single Girl alive. Therefore, I introduce to you a somewhat shocking but probably not too shocking choice, the men of One Direction (more specifically Harry and Louie).


Since becoming obsessed with Matty Healy and The 1975 I’ve had this thing about all male bands. I’ve always been against One Direction because Harry Styles broke Taylor Swift’s golden heart (I was a hater of the “Haylor” era). I also disliked them because Naill hooked up with Ellie Goulding while she was dating Ed Sheeran. These men are ruining other peoples lives and not just “other people” but people who are holier than Jesus.


Then the other week I was listening to a playlist that my friend made which included the song “Steal My Girl” and the catchy lyrics left the melody stuck in my head of the rest of the afternoon. Then that night I was on Tumblr and I saw all these GIFs of Zayn handing flowers to a girl which eventually lead to me discovering the “Night Changes” music video. If you haven’t had the opportunity to watch such a creative piece of work (it’s actually ABSURD) you need to watch it because I just can’t. Please click here and embrace the oddity that runs through the mind of these boys.

Next thing I know I’m reblogging photos of Harry and Louie and asking my friend Ellen to send me the “top-tier” One Direction songs. While I may be a fan jumping on the bandwagon, for now I’m all about that bass.



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