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Any Last Words?

The Problem:

Texting has become the key way to communicate in our generation. It’s easy to do during work, while walking to and from the subway, and my favorite way, to say something you would normally be afraid to say in person. While I am an avid texter and have a constant flow of communication between myself and my besties, sometimes you have to know when to stop texting someone. For example, if your friend is in an important meeting at work and is texting you back the classic yet annoying “k”, I hope you realize that it’s time to put the phone away and give her the space that she needs.

Another thing to know about when to stop texting that I’ve learned recently is that guys don’t. They don’t know when enough is enough and when to leave you alone. Recently I’ve had two friends vent to me about guys who just can’t seem to take the hint. I’ve also been in a situation recently (last night) where I was ignoring a guy and he kept texting me. Two, three, four messages in a row without a response and he kept going. Let’s dive into the different situations.


Situation 1:

Last weekend my roommate and I went to the liquor store across to street to buy our new favorite, Kraken. While walking back into our building we were talking about how we should write later tonight when we’re drunk. As artists, we understand that writing drunk sometimes can be so beneficial, especially when you’re having writers block. As we were discussing this, a guy appeared out of nowhere started asking us questions about being writers and how he wanted to start a blog of his own. As we were leaving the elevator, he handled us his business card and asked if we were going out later.

For fun, we decided to text him. The first mistake we made was texting any guy who hands out his business card–let me tell you friends, I’ve been there and done that–it doesn’t end up well. The second mistake was the actual texting, we opened pandora’s box and from there he would continue to text us nonstop. Things like “Ladies, partying?” at 6:51 P.M., then at 7:23 P.M. “You girls out now?”, and then at 7:46 P.M. “What time are you girls heading home?”

If anyone is drunk that early in the night and is ready to head home, I’m concerned for you and your alcoholic tendencies. We continued to ignore him for several reasons; his aggression, his misspelling of basic words, and the fact that he was texting us so early in the night. Yes, we texted him first but sending so many messages in a row without a response and being so drunk so early in the evening? That’s a no no.


Situation 2:

After blogging about guys who just can’t seem to take a hint, it’s not surprising that the guy I wrote this entry about about decided to text me. I’m not sure if he’s doing it to spite what I said about him or if he just genuinely wants to be friends (probably not). His consistent text messages with an annoying undertone made it seemed like he was only going to keep texting me until I reached out to him.

The conversation went like this:

Boy (Thursday, 7:28 P.M.): *Insert my name here*  Is it cool if we’re friends again?
Boy (Friday, 6:03 P.M.): So is that a maybe?
Boy (Friday, 9:22 P.M.): I’ll take that as a yes
Boy (Friday, 9:23 P.M.): 🙂
Me (Friday, 9:27 P.M.): Define Friends?
Boy (Friday, 9:27 P.M.): Friends
Boy (Friday, 9:27 P.M.): As in people who hang out
Boy (Friday, 9:27 P.M.): Actual friends, sex not required, like we used to be.

I think you have a pretty good idea of how this conversation went down. I was fuming–like we used to be? We were never friends and I knew his text messages were only trying to fuel me. Not to mention, “sex not required”, well gee thanks. Regardless, I crafted a response to him and moved on. Sure, we can be friends because it seems like I have no other choice considering you’ll just keep messaging me until I get so annoyed and want to explode. This my friends, is another no no.


Situation 3:

My good friend had been talking to a guy on one of her dating apps. She was enjoying conversation with him but then eventually got caught up in something else and her interest began to fade. This guy would text her here and there but she continued to ignore him, hoping he would take a hint. Fast forward to a few months later and this guy is still trying to talk to her. It hasn’t been a few days or weeks even, it’s been months. The guy finally realizes that perhaps it’s time to move on and as his parting message he says, “Any Last Words?”

OBVIOUSLY NOT. If a woman isn’t texting you, she clearly never even had a handful of letters (like k) to share with you, let alone words. Why has it taken him so long to realize that she’s not into him?


The Solution:

Well my friends, I wish there was a solution to all the annoying text messages you get from guys who just can’t seem to take the hint. Clearly, ignoring them is not working in anyone’s favor. Your best bet? Either give them a fake number (my favorite is 867-5309, just add your favorite local zip code to it) or respond with “sorry, who is this?” Maybe being sassy is the way to go?



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