#TBT: January According to Tumblr

January was a conflicting month for me. I can’t decide if everything that occurred was wildly exciting or unbearably boring. It could be considered exciting as I started a new job in an area of New York I never bothered to discover (the job is really good and the area is a quaint little square with lots of good coffee). I discovered a lot of new things that I didn’t even know of a month ago. I’ve started watching Friends for the first time (it’s amazing), have been listening to new music (The Avett Brothers and Alt-J), I hopped the bandwagon and listened to Serial (note: it’s not as cool when you’re the only one listening to it, listen to season 2 live and with friends), and read lots of good books thus far (Big Little Lies, Pain, Parties, and Work, and All The Bright Places). I drank a lot of different coffees as one of my goals for 2015 is to drink different types of lattes. Thus far I’ve had a vanilla almond latte, a maple latte (my favorite), and an earl grey latte. I also embraced a month of free SoulCycle and loved every single moment of it. Now all I can think about it my arm muscle and a juice cleanse.


Devil’s advocate, my weekdays were filled with all of the above–exercising, reading, listening to podcasts and music, and working–but when it came to the weekend I felt like I was doing the same things with the same people over and over again. Getting brunch with this group, going to a bar with these people, and complaining about the same things with the same people. During these weekends I began to realize exactly what I didn’t want and started thinking about what exactly I was looking for. The Result? To be decided. I’m still trying to figure it out but for now, I have a handful of weekend trips planned for next month, a checklist of places I want to visit, and a few new friends to help me break the mold.


Below are some of my favorite images and quotations from Tumblr this month. They’ve inspired me and helped me realize that just because I’m one thing, doesn’t mean that I can’t be another.









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