Weekend Reads

Weekend Reads

The month of January was a new level of insanity. Trying to balance it all—managing my new job, hitting the gym, forcing myself to get out of bed and be social, and forcing myself to stay in bed and take some time for myself—has been quite challenging. Here I thought I was someone who knew how to prioritize and make it all work and yet, I am constantly being challenged by the idea of having it all. I finally took some time out to do what I love, peruse my favorite non-work related websites and share stories with you that made me smile.

This week has been particularly abundant as we’re gearing towards one of my favorite holidays, Valentine’s Day. While most people get borderline psychotic about this 24 hour lovefest, I actually enjoy it. Although I must admit, some of the anti-Valentine’s Day articles I’ve been finding online are hilarious! Check out the below for my picks to read this weekend.

  • Buzzfeed posted an amazingly accurate GIF guide on how to celebrate this Valentine’s Day. Check it out and then buy yourself a box of wine.
  • Yahoo! shared the 9 real-life spots of where some of your favorite romantic comedies take place. I can’t believe I still haven’t been to Katz’s Delicatessen which is in New York as well as in When Harry Met Sally, perhaps I’ll visit this weekend?
  • As a 20-something, I obviously love Sex and the City. While I like to think I’m a Carrie, I know I can be a Samantha. Read Refinery29’s sassy post on Samantha Jones’ best lines.
  • The Cut reported on a megayacht where spunky ladies can retire (is it socially acceptable to retire at 24?) Filled with a spa room, a fitness room, and a snow room (but what?) this yacht is fit for your inner diva.
  • Buzzfeed asked people for the most important piece of relationship advice they’d ever received. It’s amazing how so much of this advice I’ve already learned and how so much is still waiting out there for me to conquer.
  • In case you don’t want to be a Debbie downer and actually want to see the light of day this Valentine’s Day, check out Lauren Conrad’s tips to celebrate this romantic holiday.
  • It wouldn’t be a weekend roundup without a mention of Taylor Swift. Life is rough at age 24 and I can only imagine it’s going to continue going downhill from here (the more money I make, the more I’ll have to put towards student loans *le sigh*) Shout out to Buzzfeed for making this awesome guide to life as a girl in her 20’s.

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