Friday Musings

Friday Musings: Visiting Carrie Bradshaw’s Apartment

Carrie Bradshaw has a soft spot in my heart as does Sex and the City. I am probably 1 of 5 people who actually enjoyed The Carrie Diaries, read the preteen Carrie Diary books, and cried when the TV show was cancelled. Okay, well I didn’t actually cry but I was quite devastated–what would ever happen to Carrie and Sebastian? WE’LL NEVER KNOW. Not to mention Austin Butler (who played Sebastian) is fineeee. But the point of this rant is is that I will support Carrie in all her decisions and life choices, even if she does wear some questionable outfits or star in the TV show that got such horrible ratings it had to be cancelled.


After finishing Sex and the City all I wanted was more (which the Carrie Diaries somewhat filled). To be honest, I didn’t begin watching Sex and the City until I was a freshman in college (I’m late on a lot of things, I’ve just started watching Friends for the first time). But I’m thankful for my late interest in the television show because I think watching it any earlier, I wouldn’t relate as much to the characters as I do today. I always go back and forth as to which character I think I would be but, ultimately, deep down, I know I’m a Carrie. While I have the aggression of a Samantha, the preppyness of a Charlotte, and well, nothing from Miranda, at heart I am a writer searching for my big love. Carrie Bradshaw is someone who is honest and genuine in everything she does, she may try to run away from her problems initially but in the end, always does what she thinks is best, and then writes about it.


Sex and the City provided love advice in such an honest fashion that you can’t get from your friends. It showed women that you’re not the only one struggling to figure out this whole dating thing in New York City, and that strange shit can happen to you too. If something weird goes down on a Tinder date, Sex and the City will probably have an answer. If you see your ex out in the Lower East Side, Sex and The City will give you three options on how to avoid the dude, get back together with him, or crush his soul.  I could ramble on about how much I love this show and how I believe it should be a law that you can’t move into Manhattan unless you watch the entire series and write an essay reflecting on everything you’ve learned, but we need to talk about visiting my personal mecca of New York, Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment.


It was a chilly day in Manhattan when I decided that it was finally time to visit the home of the ultimate single girl, Carrie Bradshaw. I’d been so focused on all the relationship advice and wise words that Carrie had shared with me throughout the years that I honestly forgot about the fact that she lived in New York City. I googled the address (it’s amazing how easily you can find out where people live) and headed down to 64 Perry Street in Greenwich Village. Carrie’s home was located in a quaint neighborhood with mom-and-pop shops surrounding beautiful greenery that lined each block. A couple lives in the actual apartment and has a box near the steps that ask for donations for a local animal shelter for those who take a picture of the apartment. The steps were also chained off so tourists were unable to take photos on the steps. The home was beautiful and picture perfect, just like Carrie.

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 1.31.49 PM

One you see the house and then snap a photo, there’s not much left to do. I was a bit disappointed on how quick my journey was but then I got to thinking about how it’s pretty cool to think all those years while I was growing up and dealing with boy problems, Carrie Bradshaw was writing and acting out scenarios that would one day help resolve some of the issues I couldn’t handle on my own.

Cheers to Carrie and the fantastic women of Sex and the City.



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